Reaching Maximum Sexual Performance

Reaching maximum sexual performance greatly depends on a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection. In order to ensure a solid erection, we should have an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. This will greatly improve our chances of gaining rock hard erections, thus allowing us to reach our maximum sexual performance. Some of the factors that can affect a man’s erection include muscle building exercises, levels of nitric oxide in the body, mental factors, weight, testosterone levels and zinc. Working on these factors can greatly increase your chances of gaining rock hard erections and reaching your maximum sexual performance.

Muscle building exercises

Muscle building exercises can give a huge boost to your sexual functioning. Bodybuilders have been testifying that they’ve experienced an increase in sexual stamina for a very long time now and scientists finally know why. Studies have shown that exercises that shape the quadriceps increase blood flow to the penis by more than 21% in only 30 seconds. This tremendous increase of penile blood flow is essential for solid erections.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is the most practical and effective way to enhance sexual performance in men. Researchers believe that increased levels of nitric oxide can correct more than 90% of penile dysfunctions due to its encouragement of penile blood flow. This is excellent news because solid erections are the result of increased amounts of blood flow towards the penis. With a boost to your nitric oxide levels, you will be one step closer to reaching your maximum sexual performance.

Mental factors

Mental factors such as depression, seasonal disorder syndrome and long-term suppressed anger can be associated with sexual functioning too. Fortunately, these factors can be treated through natural means. some of the ways to treat these mental factors include the consumption of natural supplements, changes in behavior, exercise, diet modifications and therapy.


Reduced sexual functioning and impotence are also associated with weight. The risk of suffering from impotence in overweight men is tripled in comparison to those who have normal weight. Even the slightest weight gain can affect libido and erections. A weight gain of as little as 10 pounds can lower testosterone levels. Also, weight gain and type 2 diabetes are largely related to fats. Being obese triples the risk of developing diabetes, the number one cause of weakened sexual functioning and impotence. It is important to stay fit to be able to achieve strong erections.

Testosterone is the hormone chiefly responsible for healthy sexual functioning in males. Testosterone is mandatory for power and good sexual functioning. High testosterone levels usually lead to good sexual activity and strong erections. Low testosterone levels affect more than 4 million men whose symptoms range from lack of sexual interest to weak erections. For those with mild testosterone deficiencies, eating dried fruits and nuts can help solve the problem. It has been proven that dry fruits like pecans and peanuts can help raise testosterone levels.


Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that help boost blood circulation to the penis. Shrimp and other kinds of seafood also help to improve sexuality because of all the Zinc that they contain. Men who do not get enough zinc in their diets are at increased risk of developing problems with libido and fertility. Zinc is definitely amongst the best things to consume if you’re truly planning on reaching your maximum sexual performance.

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