How to increase testosterone fast

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male androgen group, and of course, the most famous among men. It is responsible for male sexual characteristics, increased muscle mass, strength and bone density, fat distribution throughout the body, male hair loss patterns, strength and energy and, Of course, libido and fertility, so if we are looking for a child, it is important to keep their levels at bay. Learn how to increase testosterone fast.

Woom Fertility , explains: Like all sex hormones, testosterone is derived from cholesterol and its immediate precursor is DHEA. The pituitary gland is responsible for controlling its production by the testicles and according to the phases of the day it is varying, reaching a peak during the morning and lower at night.

In addition, it is during puberty when the highest peaks of testosterone occur in man; This stage is where male expressions such as the growth of the penis and testicles, the increase of facial, pubic and body beauty in general, the change of voice, the increase of muscle mass, muscle strengthening and the growth in height.


The symptoms that warn of poor testosterone levels generally make it difficult to achieve a pregnancy, since in addition to the lack of sexual desire, they also manifest themselves with bad erections, low sperm production, less motivation and lack of energy. Physically, there is also a loss of muscle mass, an increase in the percentage of fat and bone fragility.

Can you increase the levels?

With a healthy diet and lifestyle, testosterone levels can be increased, while poor eating and an unhealthy lifestyle have the opposite effect.

As for food, it is important to incorporate foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals into the diet, as well as monounsaturated fats and Omega3. Minerals such as zinc are essential for the production of testosterone since it prevents it from becoming estrogen preventing the aromatatic enzyme from doing its job, this mineral helps produce a healthier sperm and an increase in the level of sperm.

Foods such as tuna, milk, eggs, oysters, shellfish, meat, avocados, nuts, brown rice, beans, grapes, garlic, honey, cabbage and watermelon are very beneficial for maintaining testosterone levels in good shape.

Factors that reduce testosterone levels

Alcohol is one of the substances that help testosterone the least because it makes it difficult for the liver to break down estrogen, thereby increasing estrogen levels and lowering testosterone levels. So you know, if you want to maintain good testosterone levels, it is important to control your alcohol intake.

On the other hand, the higher the percentage of body fat, so are estrogen levels; Body fat contains an enzyme called aromatase that converts “male” testosterone into “female” estrogen, causing estrogen levels to decrease.

That is why it is interesting to maintain a good muscle tone and fitness, something that is achieved with good nutrition and exercising regularly. Also, German scientists discovered that having a simple erection causes an increase in testosterone levels, thus deducing that being sexually stimulated also favors the levels of this hormone.

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